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Certification Overview

To make its course content more widely available, the ILO's International Training Centre (ITC-ILO) certifies local trainers to deliver Making Microfinance Work on its behalf.  The three-phase certification process is designed to ensure a high standard of quality and typically takes between six and twelve months to complete.  Once trainers are certified, they have access to a full set of training materials that are regularly updated to incorporate new developments in the field. Trainers adapt these materials to their local environment.

There are two categories of certification:

  1. Associate Trainer. This status is awarded to trainers who complete the training-of-trainers process and demonstrate the ability to deliver one or more volumes of the Making Microfinance Work curriculum together with an accredited trainer.
  2. Accredited Trainer. This status is awarded to trainers who complete the training-of-trainers process and are licensed to deliver one or more volumes of the Making Microfinance Work curriculum independently. They must  fulfill certain criteria on an annual basis to maintain this status over time.

For more information on the three phases of the certification process or a list certification criteria, refer to the tabs on the left-hand side of this screen. To find a certified trainer in your country or language group,click here. If you would like to organize a three-phase certification process, please contact Ms. Margarita Lalayan, Senior Programme Officer for Microfinance at the ITC-ILO (m.lalayan@itcilo.org).