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Who should attend MMW Volume II?

Making Microfinance Work: Managing Product Diversification is designed for middle and senior managers in microfinance institutions. It is relevant for institutions that have already diversified and are looking for ways to manage their diversification more effectively, as well as institutions that have not yet diversified and are looking for guidance on where and how to begin. This course is also useful to funding agencies and technical assistance providers that are trying to support MFI diversification efforts.

Ideally, this course would be taken as a follow-up to the first volume of the MMW series, Making Microfinance Work: Managing for Improved Performance. The first volume lays the foundation for the second by examining the principles of effective microfinance management and exploring specific performance improvement strategies that will not be explained in detail in the second volume. However, individuals who have already accessed other microfinance management training and work with institutions that are performing strongly in their existing markets should be able to use this course to guide their outreach expansion even in the absence of MMW Volume I.