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How is MMW Volume II delivered?

Making Microfinance Work: Managing Product Diversification is designed to be delivered locally by certified trainers that adapt content to the local environment. It can be delivered to staff of a single institution or to a diverse group of participants at the national or regional level. Occasionally, the course is offered at an international level through the ITC ILO to bring participants from multiple language groups together at the same time.

Although MMW Volume II addresses 24 topics, just like the first volume, it does not address all of them in one training event. Sections I and IV of the course make up a core curriculum that is delivered during most events. Sections II and III provide product and market options that participants and organizers can choose to explore in the classroom depending on their priorities.  The course manual provides content for all modules in those sections so that participants can explore topics that may not be presented in the classroom at their own convenience.

The standard format of MMW Volume II is much more flexible than that of MMW Volume I and can be adapted to meet a variety of needs, as explained below.

Standard delivery

  • 5-day course in which Sections I and IV are delivered in their entirety together with a selection of 7 product or market segment modules. At the time of registration, participants select the products and markets they are most interested in exploring. An agenda is then designed to deliver the highest priority topics, typically 3-4 product options and 3-4 market segments.

Market-focused delivery

  • 4 or 5-day course that focuses on reaching a particular market segment (e.g., youth rural areas, marginalized markets, SMEs, etc.). Most if not all of the modules from Section II are delivered together with an extended version of the market segment module being targeted. The goal is to define an outreach strategy for reaching the targeted market effectively.

Product-focused delivery

  • 4 or 5-day course that focuses on introducing a new product type (e.g., savings or insurance). The module for the product of focus is expanded to explore the range of design options and implementation challenges in more depth. Several modules from Section III may be delivered to facilitate discussion about how (and whether) to introduce the new product for different market segments.

Executive courses

Executive courses are meant to enrich participants' understanding and application of course material over time. They provide opportunities for past participants to: 1) explore modules that may not have been presented in the first course they took; 2) access updated or more detailed information about content they were already exposed to; or 3) troubleshoot implementation challenges with a relevant peer group. Some of the options include:

  • Half-day courses focusing on a specific product or market segment
  • 1 or 2-day course focused on improving the performance of an already diversified portfolio
  • 2 or 3-day courses exploring the portfolio products that can meet the needs of a particular market segment
  • Evening gathering of alumni with an agenda driven by their questions and concerns

The prerequisite for attending executive courses is to have previously attended a  Volume II training that included the core content of the course (i.e. the modules in Sections I and IV of the curriculum).