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How is MMW Volume I delivered?

Making Microfinance Work: Managing for Improved Performance is designed to be delivered locally by certified trainers that adapt content to the local environment. It can be delivered to managers of a single institution or to a diverse group of participants at the national or regional level. Occasionally, the course is offered at an international level through the ITC ILO to bring participants from multiple language groups together at the same time.

In its standard format, the course lasts ten days and is delivered over a two week period, creating an intense mini-MBA type of experience that minimizes transportation expenses and maximizes opportunities for linkages between modules and networking among participants. This format is extremely successful in some markets.

The standard format has been adapted, however, to meet the needs of managers who find it difficult to be absent from work for ten consecutive days.  These alternative delivery formats are more accessible for managers that do not face high transportation costs. They also provide more opportunities for linking course content to application. The main delivery format options are briefly described below.

Standard delivery

  • 24 modules are delivered during a two-week course.

Split delivery

  • 24 modules are delivered in two one-week sessions; there is a gap of one or two months in between the two sessions.

Executive delivery

  • 24 modules are delivered one at a time in the evening, or in clusters on the weekend; it can take anywhere from 24 days to 24 weeks to complete the course depending on the delivery schedule.

Sectional delivery

  • The five sections of the course are delivered on different occasions. The first section  (Introduction to Microfinance Management) is a mandatory starting point, after which participants can choose which of the other sections to enroll in and in what order. Certificates are awarded upon completion of all five sections (24 modules).