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Trainer Name Certification Status Licensed to Deliver Country of Residence Delivery language(s)
David Ssebaddawo Associate Volume I,Volume II, Uganda English, Details
Dede Coulibaly Accredited Volume I, Mali French, Details
Dildora Tadjibaeva Accredited Volume I, Uzbekistan Russian, Details
Edna Ishaya Associate Volume I, Nigeria English, Details
Elaine Tan Associate Volume I, Philippines English, Details
Emanuel Bechis Accredited Volume I,Volume II, Italy Indonesia,English, Details
Evanda Burtet Accredited Volume I, Brazil Portuguese, Details
Evelia Tizon Accredited Volume I, Philippines English, Details
Fadi Nasser Eddin Associate Volume I, Lebanon Arabic, Details
Florette Makram Associate Volume I, Egypt Arabic,English, Details
Francis Madimu Accredited Volume I, Congo, Democratic Republic Of (Was Zaire) French,English, Details
Getaneh Gobezie Associate Volume I, Ethiopia English, Details
Gladys Shumbambiri Associate Volume I, Zimbabwe English, Details
Hailu Leta Associate Volume I, Ethiopia English, Details
Hassan Faried Accredited Volume I, Egypt Arabic, Details
Henriqueta Hunguana Accredited Volume I,Volume II, Mozambique Portuguese, Details
Hermann Messan Accredited Volume I,Volume II, Ethiopia French,English, Details
Hippolyte Ahonlonsou Accredited Volume I, Benin French, Details
Hiras Tobing Associate Volume I, Indonesia Bahasa,Indonesia, Details
Igor Faizulaev Associate Volume I, Russian Federation Russian, Details