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The Certification Process

Trainers are certified to deliver the Making Microfinance Work curriculum through a three-phase process, which is briefly described below. The process was first developed in 2004 and has been refined over time to meet the needs of resource persons in Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Europe.

Phase I

Local trainers are selected to participate in the certification process on the basis of their microfinance, management and training experience, as well as their capacity to offer the course on an ongoing basis if certified. The selected trainers attend the course that they want to be certified to deliver so they can absorb the content and training methodology from a participant's perspective. At the end of each training day, they meet with an ILO Master Trainer to review the day’s events from a trainer’s perspective, discuss core adult learning principles, and practice implementing those principles in brief presentations receiving feedback from their peers.  Approximately one month after the Phase I event, certification candidates are given a content exam.  The results of this exam and the Master Trainer’s assessment of each candidate’s performance during the Phase I event determine which trainers move to the next phase.

Phase II

Certification candidates participate in a 5 or 6-day training-of-trainers workshop with an ILO Master Trainer to better understand the course design and practice applying its methodology. They deliver content which they have adapted for their local environment and receive multiple rounds of feedback on their performance. Skill clinics focus on strengthening training techniques that were identified as weak during the Phase I event.  At the end of this workshop, the strongest trainers are invited to participate in the third and final phase of the certification process.

Phase III

Certification candidates deliver Making Microfinance Work to a real audience of MFI managers.  An ILO Master Trainer is present to support the trainers, provide feedback at the end of each training day, and monitor the quality of delivery against ITC-ILO certification criteria. Trainers who meet the ITC-ILO’s quality standards during this event are certified and become licensed to deliver one volume of the MMW curriculum on behalf of the ILO. Trainers that wish to become licensed to deliver a second volume of the MMW curriculum must pass a content exam and participate in a training-of-trainers workshop designed specifically for that volume.