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Certification Criteria

To be certified to deliver one or more volumes of Making Microfinance Work, trainers must demonstrate the following:

  1. Willingness and ability to support effective marketing and organization of the course
  2. Sufficient participation in a public training event for performance to be assessed
  3. Ability to meet training session objectives
  4. Ability to convey personal knowledge and understanding of the training content
  5. Ability to adapt the course materials for use in the local environment
  6. Ability to effectively communicate the main messages of the course
  7. Ability to adjust and adapt materials to the needs of a particular audience
  8. Ability to manage time effectively
  9. Ability to make connections between different modules of the course
  10. Ability to mainstream gender
  11. Ability to motivate participation
  12. Sufficient professionalism to represent the ITC-ILO brand

A trainer's performance in each of these areas is measured by an ILO Master Trainer using qualitative and quantitative indicators. Accredited trainers must meet minimum quality standards in each area measured.