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What is Making Microfinance Work ?

Making Microfinance Work (MMW) is a management training program that is designed to strengthen microfinance managers’ ability to increase the quality and scale of their institution’s outreach. The program consistsof two volumes:

  • Volume I: Managing for Improved Performance. This course, supported by a 400-page manual, helps managers develop a holistic understanding of the different functions that contribute to successful microfinance operations. It provides tools and guidance that managers can use to improve the strategy, marketing, risk management, organizational architecture, efficiency and productivity of their unit, branch or institution.
  • Volume II: Managing Product Diversification. This course, supported by a 600-page manual, aims to inspire and prepare managers to expand their institutions’ outreach beyond what has already been achieved. It explores the opportunities and challenges presented by ten different types of products and eight market segments. It provides tools and guidance for managing the product diversification process as well as the ongoing delivery and maintenance of a diverse product portfolio.

The MMW program draws from the experiences and techniques of microfinance service providers worldwide. It is delivered through a network of more than 100 ITC ILO certified trainers in 38 countries and nine languages (Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese).