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The Making Microfinance Work program is built on adult education principles using a highly participatory methodology, varied activities, and a minimum of lecturing.  It draws on numerous local and international case studies to complement the tools and instruments that are found in the course manual and stimulates the sharing of real experiences, challenges and strategies for meeting those challenges.  Learning through doing (under the guidance of an experienced facilitator) is an integral part of the course. Although participants often work in groups, each person develops an individual action plan for implementation in their working environment.

The MMW methodology is based on the Turin Learning Approach of the ITC-ILO which is composed of three main pillars:


  • Training activities respond to the current needs of individuals and contribute to organizational development agendas
  • Delivery methods are learner-centered
  • Design is flexible and based on local contexts whenever possible


  • Trainers are proficient in leading pedagogical practices in addition to their specialisation in the subject matter
  • Learning is experiential, active, participatory and practice-oriented
  • Knowledge is shared and created
  • Content is built on United Nations global values in support of decent work and sustainable development
  • Gender is mainstreamed in all activities and learning material


  • Training is job-related and designed to facilitate productive change
  • Networks are established
  • Results are systematically evaluated against previously set objectives
  • Continuous feedback informs new and existing program design and implementation