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Is MMW for you?

Making Microfinance Work has been adapted over time to meet the needs of many stakeholders. Its principal audience is managers of microfinance operations. Managers at all levels can be challenged by the course because trainers adapt the discussions and activities to the level of management present in a particular audience. In general, managers who complete MMW Volume I will become better able to:

  • Develop and market competitive microfinance products
  • Reduce their organization's vulnerability to risks
  • Retain staff and clients
  • Proactively shape the institutional culture
  • Manage healthy growth
  • Enhance their organization's productivity and efficiency

Managers who complete MMW Volume II will become better able to:

  • Develop a portfolio of products and services that can meet the diverse financial service needs of low-income households
  • Design and implement outreach strategies for reaching new market segments
  • Assess and prioritize new product and new market opportunities
  • Identify and control the risks inherent in product and market diversification
  • Deliver a diverse product portfolio effectively

Both Volumes I and II can be useful for stakeholders who support microfinance operations, particularly if they attend the course together with one or more managers from the institution(s) they support. In this case, the course can provide a framework for jointly thinking through opportunities and defining actions to improve performance and outreach.

Since MMW Volume II is focused on expanding outreach rather than supporting existing operations, it can be useful to a broader range of stakeholders. The core content retains a management focus, but 18 of the 24 modules explore product and market options. Courses can be delivered with a focus on one particular market segment (e.g., youth, women or rural areas) and explore the relevance and design of ten different products and services that could meet the needs of that segment. Alternatively, a course could explore multiple market segments and assist participants in prioritizing which of those segments to enter next.

National and regional associations of microfinance practitioners can use Making Microfinance Work to strengthen the performance of their members and to facilitate expansion into underserved markets.

Governments can use Making Microfinance Work to strengthen the performance of the microfinance sector in their country and to encourage product and market diversification that increases financial inclusion.

Investors can use Making Microfinance Work to inform their investment decisions, as well as to strengthen the performance of institutions in which they invest. By evaluating the quality of action plans that are created during the course and the degree to which those plans are implemented, they can gauge the commitment and capacity of the individuals and institutions in which they want to invest (or continue investing).

Funding agencies can use Making Microfinance Work as an efficient tool for building capacity within specific microfinance institutions or at the industry level. They can sponsor trainer certification processes, provide participant scholarships, support the adaptation of the Volume II curriculum to meet the needs of a specific country or market segment, or finance the translation of Volume II materials into a language that is not yet supported.

Affiliate MFI networks can use Making Microfinance Work to complement their existing training programmes, particularly their professional development programmes for middle managers, and can leverage the MMW certification process to strengthen their own training skills.

Technical assistance providers can use Making Microfinance Work to build their own capacity as well as that of the microfinance institutions with which they work.